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This web site is devoted to the genealogy of the Deeks and Jepson names primarily within the United Kingdom, although it does include overseas Deeks particularly from Canada and the United States. I developed an interest in the Deeks name after I married a Deeks, (from Suffolk, England) and my mother was a Jepson. This site includes information on both my wife's ancestry (Deeks) and my own personal family history (Jepson).

The site is divided into eight main areas.

1. The family groups - These are groups of connected Deeks and Jepson families with brief details. The information is presented in tabular form, rather then a family tree arrangement. Group one is details of our family ancestry, both Deeks and Jepson

Note: In the family groups the colums 'Birth/Bap' and 'Died/Buried' frequently contain a reference to a particular quarter. In these cases the date listed is that when the event, (Birth or Death) was registered. Births, in particular were frequently registered anything up to 3 months after the event.

2. List of spouses - These are an alphabetical list of all people I have on file, of either sex, who have married a Deeks or a Jepson. It does include people who are also in a family group.

3. Lists of Deeks names - These are alphabetical lists of all the Deeks and similarly named people I have on file. Again it does include people already mentioned in a family group.

4. Lists of Jepson names - These are alphabetical lists of all the Jepson people I have on file both family related and others

5. Picture Gallery - This is a section devoted to Deeks/Jepson related pictures, photographs of graves, scanned copies of BMD certificates and other items of interest. I am always pleased to receive any more items for inclusion in this section.

6. Update History - This is simply a list of any changes I have made. It can be useful to see if I have updated a particular family group etc.

7. 1911 Census - This is a list of the Deeks I have found in the 1911 census.

8. Guest Book - This allows you to post comments about this site etc, including your email address so that others with a similar interest can contact you. Please sign it!!!

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The information on this site has been culled from a variety of different places. Some of it is family information, Parish Records have yielded more details and many other researchers have, over several years, been good enough to share their personal family information. So my grateful thanks to all those who have exchanged snippets with me over the years and I hope you will find something interesting. If there is anything listed which is at odds with your personal research I hope you will send me an email using this form